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Heroes Among Us


First the Photo:  This fountain is in a large city on the east coast.. Do you know where it was taken?  Notice the water in the fountain is dyed pink.  Can you guess why?  For a hint look at the color of the trees in the background.  What month do you think we took this picture?  Does that help you know why it is pink? To find on a map> North America> United States> Pennsylvania> Pittsburgh


Second the Question:  October is breast cancer awareness month.  All over America we celebrate the people who have battled this disease.  These people are heroes. Not because they got cancer, but because of the way they choice to fight it.  Do you know anyone in your life who has been touched by breast cancer?  Or any kind of cancer?  It is a life changing event to battle an illness of any kind.  Have you ever been to a hospital?  Had a surgery? How did you feel when you were sick? This is the time when you need courage and support.  Those two things are the most important medicine in the world. 


Third Next Steps:   How can we help share our support for people struggling with an illness?  There are simple ways to show people that we are thinking of them as they battle to overcome the challenges of a disease.  Stories of support are everywhere look for ideas on line or at the library.  You can do outdoor work for someone who is home bound with an illness, or help with indoor chores.  There are stories of groups who shave their heads to show their support of someone who is losing their hair to chemo.  Simple things like bringing a home cooked meal to someone or offering to help take their kids out for a day of fun.  Or even just listening to them talk about their battle.  Celebrate the strength that they have to deal with these trials.  Show them how much you honor their courage.  Heroes come in all ages, shapes and sizes.  Help someone walk their road and find the hero inside of you!

Hello world!

Jump On Board


Explore        Engage       Imagine       Share

Hello! Welcome! The purpose of this blog is for parents, families, caregivers, teachers and anyone in a relationship with a child to: Share it, use it, and expand from it…

After years of lecturing general medicine, being a student of brain development in children & facilitating parent education I have learned that there is one KEY part of healthy child development and that is: a rich open & engaging relationship with a loving adult. Technology often serves as a barrier to parent-child interaction and I am hoping this blog will offer an option to share technology with your child. My goal for the blog is for you to use it as a tool for you to BUILD on. Blog time, should be parent-child interaction time.




FIRST the photo: the photos serve as a visual jolt for the senses that takes you on a virtual scavenger hunt to find its source. Where was it taken? Pull out a map? Look up other people’s guesses? These are all photos I have taken on trips with my own family.

SECOND the question: Then use the questions to jumpstart conversations, memory sharing and relationship building. Bring in friends and family members. Share fun responses on the blog for others to engage in.


THIRD the ideas: take these as a road map for wonder! Continue the fun and learning far beyond your living room.    So sit down with the children in your life..pull up the blog and get ready to share. Let them type..Pull out a map, an atlas and your imagination. Ask the questions and then LISTEN(there is a wonderful old proverb that says..We all have 2 ears and just 1 mouth so we should listen twice as much as we talk) and when it comes to building a relationship with kids that is vital! And remember..there is NO wrong answers here.

The blog can be used by anyone looking to build their relationship and learn about: themselves, a loved one, the world! So jump on board and travel through the world of your imagination with your most important team of navigators.: your kids!

Creator: DM Devine

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