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History Comes Alive


First The Photo:  Where was this taken?  Hint: It was once the main residence of the infamous King Henry VIII….

Second The Question: History comes alive through stories, movies and visits to famous places that allow you to see and experience the sights, sounds and smells of civilizations that once inhabited our world.  It is fascinating to learn about the past, both good and bad.  We come away with a deeper understanding of what shaped us into the people we are today.  What is your favorite time of history?  Do you have a favorite historical story?  Do you like to learn about the times of inspiration or do you lean towards hearing about times of strife?

Third Next Steps:  Take a trip to your local public library.  Venture into the nonfiction sections, either in the children’s department or in the adult sections.  Check out a book, story book or nonfiction video tape about a time in history.  Choose a historical event that is relevant to youf or your family.  Share some background with your child before you begin watching the video or reading the book. Spend time after debriefing about what you learned.  It can also be fun to watch videos that are fictional stories set in specific times in history.  Examples are: Sound of Music set in Austria during WWII, or The King and I set in the Far East while England was still a major power there.  These are both fun family friendly versions that bring history to life.

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Road Trip USA

road sign collage

First The Picture:  Summer time is a fun time to jump in the car and explore the world around you.  Whether you are road tripping an hour to Gramma’s house or across the country to see the wonders of America.  There are so many fun things to discover, places to see, people to meet and things to learn about. Pull out a map and find the destinations illustrated in our road trip collage.  These are all signs that we have seen while driving through the roadways of the USA.

Second The Questions:  Where are your favorite destinations for road trips?  Do you like to explore big cities, or do you like to head out on rustic camping adventures?  Do you enjoy the journey towards a destination best, or do you like the trip back home better?  Do your family road trips typically involve a visit with a relatives?  Or do you usually plan your journeys to include state parks to hike through?  Do you go to the same place each year or do you road trip to new adventures each time? Where would you like to go next?

Third Next Steps: Map out a dream road trip.  First determine your mode of transportation.  Would you rather travel by bus, car, train, camper or maybe even boat?  Next determine what you would most like to see.  The largest ball of twine or the deepest cave?  An orca whale breach out of the surf, or a chance to pet a seal on a rocky Maine coastline. To walk in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s footsteps or see Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace?  To see Old Faithful’s spray or view Teddy Roosevelt’s profile on Mount Rushmore? There are so many amazing sites here in these United States that the choices are endless.  It might be fun to search images on-line and pull up some fun places to explore across our great country.   If you already have a road trip planned..click on our Create Together page and assemble some fun Look and Find jars to take with on your journey.   Remember there is nothing like the thrill of a Road Trip to bring out the explorer in all of us.  Enjoy the adventure!

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