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Friends of the Skies..


bird collage

First the Photo: New Type of Scavenger hunt: can you name these beautiful birds.  Find out if they live in your area.

Second The Questions: Do you know these feathered friends?  Do you recognize their colors?  Do you know their song? Birds make up the beauty of our homes and communities.  Do you know they were once hunted for their plumes, heads and wings to decorate women’s hats, shawls and dresses?  How very sad. They are such amazing creatures to watch as they float and flutter on the air, traveling from flower to flower.  People have been mesmerized by birds for hundreds of years and they began humans yearn for flight.  Can you imagine soaring through the air without the aid of a plane?

Bird collage 2

Third Next Steps: What do you think makes things more likely to fly?  Weight? Surface area?  Think of the man made things that can fly.  What do they all have in common?  How many things can you name?  Gather up tape, string, used toilet paper rolls, boxes, old Tupperware containers and garbage of all sorts.  Now try to make something that will soar through the air.  After you are done bring out a fan or stand up high and release your creation.  Does it float and twist in the breeze?  If it doesn’t see if you can make modifications to make it fly longer and longer.

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If you could be an animal for a day


First:  This picture could be taken in many places..a zoo, a marine park, or a nature habitat.  There are many opportunities to see dolphins up close.  Look on a map and find the places that house dolphins for observation.

Second: If you could be an animal for a single day, which animal would you be?  What qualities attracted you to the species you chose? Do you want to swim, run, walk, fly, or crawl?  Did you consider what the animals ate or where they lived?

Third: Take Next Step: This is the subject of my first Explore Galore Kids Book, available here on this blog under the “Make it Your Own” link.  You can also find it on Amazon. It is an adventure book, where you provide the adventure from your own imagination. Thinking through the choices as you consider which animal you would be.

Want to add to the imaginative fun? Go on a nature hike at a local park, or nature center.  Look for animal tracks.  Spy potential animal homes.  Think about the different species around you, from bugs and spiders to reptile and mammals.  Talk about the different classifications of animals.  What make s spider a spider?  What makes a mammal different from reptiles?  Don’t know?  That is ok..Take the next step and look it up.  Do you know what animals are native to your climate?  What does it mean to be native?

Name another type of climate..Can you guess what type of animals would live there?  Why?

Explore More: Finally a fun Next Step is bringing along your camera or phone and trying to take pictures of animals in the wild.  The trick is:  hold your camera very still because animals often are camera shy and try to run away.

Enjoy your adventure!

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First The Photo: Where was this photo taken.  You can almost smell the salt air as you see the ocean water splashing off the lava beaches.  This is an island in the Gulf of Mexico.  Locals drive on the left side of the road, on the right side of the car.  It is a popular destination for cruise traffic.  Can you guess where it is?

Second The Question:  When the sun heats up and summer is in full swing what is your favorite way to cool off?  Do you have a favorite thing to do in the water?  Do you prefer fresh water or salt water? Do you have a source of water close to where you live?  Can you try to name all of the different types of waterways? example: A river, lake, etc.

Third Take Next Step: Read about what makes water different.  Why is the ocean water salty while lakes and rivers flow with fresh water?  What different animals, plants and life forms prefer salt water?  Can you try to mix table salt into tap water and get it to dissolve.  How much can you get to dissolve?  Try heating it, does that help the water to become more saturated with salt?

Explore: Go to a local pet store and observe the fish tanks.  What is the first difference you notice between salt and fresh water fish? Can you name all of the differences you see.  Why do you believe the creatures are different?  If you live close to a body of water bring a net and try to capture fresh aquatic life. Bring a magnifying glass and see if you can make observations about the plants and animals up close.

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