Explore Galore Kids

I have many years of experience presenting to various groups including: faculty members, parents with special needs children, medical students, residents, physical therapy students, medical educators, practitioners, parent groups and employers looking to grow their team’s effectiveness.  I welcome the opportunity to present to groups of all sizes and offer various formats including: motivational speaking, curriculum based in-services,  and interactive skill based experiences.  Length of presentation and cost vary, please feel free to contact me to discuss and schedule an event. Email me at

Presentation Topics Include:

  • Medical
    • Building Strong Parent/Practitioner Partnerships
    • Parent Advocate, Who Me?
    • You are a Medical Consumer
  • Disabilities
    • Tell Me Again, What Makes Me Special
    • A Rainbow of Differences
    • How Can I Help..and other Rhetorical Questions
  • Career Exploration
    • Go for the Goal!
    • When Plans Fail..
    • Education is Forever
  • Inspirational
    • Living a Goal Orientated Life
    • How Many Tomorrows Until Things Get Better?
    • Hope is the Key (Literally)
    • Faith, Joy & Hope, What Your Children Teach You
  • Family Centered Presentations
    • Being your Child’s First & BEST Teacher
    • Making Travel Educational
    • Parenting Through Challenges
    • Memory Making 101
    • The Egg and Bacon Breakfast and other realities of parenting..