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Explore Galore Kids Books are a feast for the imagination.  A new concept of books that inspire relationships.  These books should start a journey that you embark upon with your child.  Let your imaginations be your guide.

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Explore Galore Kids: Animal for a Day: CLICK HERE

If you could be an animal for a day which animal would you choose? Share the wonder of our natural world in this colorfully captivating imaginative journey.  Especially good for families with young children

Animal for a Day

Explore Galore Kids: Emotions of Me: CLICK HERE

Start a conversation about how emotions shape us and our world.  Wonderful for all ages

The Guiding Light of Others: CLICK HERE

Mentors help shape us through their love and guidance. Explore the mentors in your life.  Wonderful for all ages.

Journey of Discovery: Click Here

Embark on a journey to explore the paths your life has taken. Wonderful for all ages.


Family Love: Click Here

What makes a family?  Engage in a discussion your own origins. Great for Families with young children

Grow Your Garden:  Click Here

Cultivate your garden of emotions as you share the wonders that are inside of you.  Wonderful for all ages.


To Order Seasons of Change: Click Here 

Learn about the Seasons as you explore the change in your life. Embrace the new beginnings that springtime offers.  Cultivate the growth of the summers in our lives. Share the abundance as we harvest up our blessings in the Autumn and honor the hard times of growth and change in the winter of our lives. Wonderful for all ages.

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