Create Together Exceptional Fun

As an Exceptional Parent a great deal of your parenting time is spent doing one thing…Waiting!  Waiting at doctors appointments, PT, OT and Speech.  But yet you never feel like you get a chance to have any quality time with your kids.. My challenge to you is: don’t let people steal your valuable time from you!  Make waiting time: Bonding time.

I know this sounds crazy but I spent the first year of my son’s life tracking the amount of time we spent waiting..I found that we averaged 10 hours per week!  As a Parent Educator I decided that I wasn’t going to let our damaged medical system steal that precious time from us.  From that point forward I planned our waiting time to be valuable interacting time.  We then found that we were disappointed when the practitioner finally showed up,  instead of feeling stir crazy and deep into Fitzville USA (you know this place..right between light crying and major blow up!) I realized that I had been waiting for our life to “get back to normal” and accepted that this WAS normal now and I wasn’t going to let it pass us by.

This page is dedicated to easy, transportable, low cost packs that you can bring with for your waiting times so that the fun begins the minute the waiting starts!

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