Colorful Travel Scavenger Hunt


Colorful Look and Find

Are you looking for an easy and fun item to take on car trips or use while your kids are waiting at the doctor’s office?

Well the genius of this one is 3-fold: It’s cheap, It’s uses recycled goods and It’s educational! Plus the kids can help to make the fun begins right immediately!

All you need is 4 things:

  • A small clean recycled plastic container with tight fitting top.  Small peanut butter, or mayonnaise or spice containers work great
  • Rice, not minute rice but the actually, cheap slow cook rice
  • Small colored beads(the ones that you use to make iron melted shapes work the best) You don’t need to worry about chokeable sizes because you will be gluing the top on the container.
  • Heavy duty glue or caulk sealer.  Whatever you have on hand.  Don’t use just Elmer’s or tacky glue as they won’t stick.  Use E600 or hot glue or caulk glue.

Steps to Build:

  • Clean and dry container well
  • Collect your colored beads
  • Write a list of the colors you have to put on the outside
  • Place colored beads into the container
  • Fill with rice until about 1/2 inch from the top (if the neck of your container is narrow you may find that using a funnel is easiest.)
  • Screw the top on and shake up the contents
  • This part an adult needs to do: firmly glue top onto the container
  • Tape or glue the color list on the outside.  If your child is too young to read, put dots the colors of each of the beads instead of words.

Ways to make the fun more challenging:

  • Have a race to find a particular color.  Time each child to see who can find the pink, or green one the fastest.
  • Make sure to include a couple challenge beads, in hard to find colors like: white or clear!
  • Time how long it takes each person to find all of the colors.

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