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Calling All Ship Builders!




First The Picture:  This type of boat is iconic to one place.  A city of serene vistas, wonderful architecture and amazing sites.  A place so unique, that people journey from all over the world to get a glimpse of it just once in their lifetime.  The boat itself, termed a gondola is sleek and slim, but amazing in balance and ease of moving through the water by just using a single long stick.


Second the Question:  As we draw closer to the season of Thanksgiving we think back to the history of boats and a time in our history when the only way to travel was to traverse the sea.  Long adventurous voyages that often lasted many weeks or months and were often fraught with danger. Can you imagine living in a tiny room on a boat that swayed night and day?  Where you ate your meals while your table rolled with the waves.  Many of our great grandparents came to this country on a similar voyage.  Now imagine if you were in charge of designing the boat that would bring your loved ones across the sea.  Would your boat have large sails or masts to catch the wind?  Or would you try to use oars, propellers or a jet engine?  What makes a boat float on the water?  How can a ship take on hundreds of pounds of weight in furniture and passengers and still stay afloat?


Third Next Steps:  Now using only recycled materials; rinsed out milk jugs, orange juice cartons, toilet paper tubes, food containers pieces of cloth, tape and string.  Design and build your own boat!  Make sure to name your mighty ship..possibly the Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria!  The last step..fill your sink with water and see if it will float.  Try adding in rocks, screws or nails for weights and see how many you can add before it sinks.  This can be a fun project to keep hands and minds busy as little ones wait for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready.  You could even make it into a contest and race your boats in the bath tub.  Give each person a straw to blow on their boat and try to see which one goes from end to end first.  Nothing like a little fun competition to add fun to the day!  Enjoy! 

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